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Lamb Tongue over White Bean Stew with Pecorino


Couldn’t be easier!

Put in a pot: some lamb tongues (you can peel off the membrane later); white beans; chopped carrots, celery, onions; minced garlic; spices of your choice–today I used epazote for its anti-flatulent properties and oregano; a good splash of apple cider vinegar (or you could use wine); salt and pepper (salt added at the beginning keeps the beans intact)

Bring to a boil and simmer gently for a couple hours until the lamb tongues are gently poached through and tender.

Peek the membranes off the tongues and slice and serve over bowls of the stew garnished with grated pecorino,


Processing: Rapid Pulse 2013

I was honored to be included as one of the artists in Chicago’s 2013 Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival run by the phenomenal Defibrillator Gallery. But as happens in life sometimes, I got sidetracked from posting some of the wealth of documentation of the performance. At the time, the piece was unnamed, but in the ensuing months the title Processing has stuck with me (I’m currently working on a piece called Flensing–gerunds have power behind them). And so, here are some of the hundreds of images taken by two talented photographers Arjuna Capulong and Mark Zoetrope.

I also must take a bit of time to thank my two lovely and tough assistants Lauren Wessel and Mara Mayhem for co-performing with skill and grace and only the promise of some cuts of lamb as payment (sigh…performance art…so rewarding but not particularly lucrative).

The performance took place in the windows of the gallery and was a durational piece that unfolded over the course of 6 hours. Almost all of the cuts of lamb got distributed to people who had either claimed them in advance via an Indie GoGo funding campaign or as part of the first-come, first-served giveaway at the end of the night. I made delicious use of any that remained. A number of people sent me images of what they cooked from their chosen cuts, and I need to put together a separate post honoring those collaborations.

And so, here you go: