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Inadvertent Flower


Separating eggs tonight for homemade ice cream, and my daughter all of a sudden exclaimed “Look mom, it’s an egg yolk flower!” And indeed it is! Gotta love 5 year olds for noticing beauty in routine…


Mirror images?

Goofing around with a rib roast (a lovely, grassfed, heirloom-breed rib roast). Recipe post on the blog hopefully tomorrow for those of you wanting to cook something like this for NYE. The breed is Dexter–2/3 the size of a typical commercial steer, hence the smaller overall size of the roast.

Photo Shoot Happy Accidents!

Yes, that is the word “MEAT” in large white block letters right next to my ass…and for the food geeks among you, you will appreciate which cookbook it is (for the non-food geeks, it’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s The River Cottage Meat Cookbook–an essential bookshelf item for every meat lover).

And for those of you cooking turkeys today…pat it bone dry and rub that sucker all over with a giant chunk of butter!

Merry Christmas from the Burlesque Butcher!

Christmas seems a most appropriate time to kick off this new blog and web-presence venture. One of the few times of the year that the average household cooks a really large piece of meat or a larger-than-chicken-sized whole animal like a turkey or goose. So here’s hoping you had (or are having) as much fun playing with your food as I did!