The Burlesque Butcher enjoys butchering meat and cooking fancy food often attired in lingerie or other sexy outfits. She has been a considerable hobby butcher for nearly a decade moving from the occasional backyard suckling pig roast or whole roasted fish to tackling whole hogs, sides of beef, lambs, goats, deer, rabbits, and more. She credits her interest in butchery to two things: growing up in a household that always valued meat on the bone and a high school Biology 2 class with a shitty teacher who didn’t know how to do anything but teach dissections…and so she did nearly every possible dissection available (including college-level ones)–fetal pigs, whole cats, cow brains, etc., etc.–and got an A+ in the course. She learned how to bone out a chicken breast at the tender age of 5 or 6, her great aunt Helen’s hand on top of hers on the boning knife (the boning knife she still uses today, 35 years later).

An enormous advocate of the farm-to-table movement and sustainable agriculture, she sources all her meat from reputable local or organic sources. Her philosophy of meat-eating revolves around the concept of “nose to tail” utilizing every part of the animal that is edible and trying to make use of even the inedible parts out of the utmost respect for the life the animal gave in its conversion from creature to food.

Expect to see a variety of posts here–from how-to recipes to butchering demos to fun pictures to food porn. You can also follow her on Instagram (@burlesquebutcher), on Twitter (@burlesquebutchr–damned Twitter with its short names, had to leave out the last “e”), on Tumblr (burlesquebutcher.tumblr.com), and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BurlesqueButcher). Feel free to email her at burlesquebutcher@gmail.com!


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