Meat Perks and Performance Support

I’ve been announcing on The Burlesque Butcher Facebook page about the very exciting performance I’ll be doing on June 3 at Dfbrl8tr gallery as part of the Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival. I’ll be fully butchering a lamb, and two assistants will be packaging the cuts into “meat gifts”, in the windows along busy Milwaukee Avenue in lingerie and heels. The durational performance runs from noon until 7 (approximately).

For those of you in the Chicago area, you can participate in the performance too! Through IndieGoGo, you can donate to help support the costs of the performance. In return, you can sign up to receive particular cuts of lamb as your perks.

For those of you outside Chicago, you can also support the performance. There are three low-cost donation levels with mail-able perks.

Really looking forward to this performance! It’s been in development in my head for over 6 months.

And yes, I know this is a picture of me butchering chicken, not lamb, but since a blog post without a visual is kind of boring, this should spice things up a bit…


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