Sometimes you just need comfort food…


Chicken livers, bacon, and onions with a mirin-allspice sauce over roughly smashed potatoes (with a ridiculous amount of butter and cream)


Lamb Tongue over White Bean Stew with Pecorino


Couldn’t be easier!

Put in a pot: some lamb tongues (you can peel off the membrane later); white beans; chopped carrots, celery, onions; minced garlic; spices of your choice–today I used epazote for its anti-flatulent properties and oregano; a good splash of apple cider vinegar (or you could use wine); salt and pepper (salt added at the beginning keeps the beans intact)

Bring to a boil and simmer gently for a couple hours until the lamb tongues are gently poached through and tender.

Peek the membranes off the tongues and slice and serve over bowls of the stew garnished with grated pecorino,

Waffle-Cone-Crusted Cod

So I’m not normally a big vanilla-flavored savory-food person, but tonight when I realized I had some cod in the freezer and a couple waffle cones in the bottom of a package that got smashed, an idea emerged. Why not turn the broken ice cream cones into breadcrumbs and use them to make a coating for the fish? Waste not, want not in my house applies beyond utilizing the 5th quarter!

And voila, with a bit of vinagery hot sauce added over the top to cut through the sweetness, a pretty killer dinner ended up on the table.


I made a simple batter and then rolled the battered fish in the crumbs (do season the crumbs with a healthy amount of salt…I definitely had to add salt afterward).


And then the fish got fried in a mix of butter and oil.


Summer Salads and Repurposing


One of my favorite things about summer is repurposing leftovers into awesome summer salads that you would not suspect had been concocted from random things in my kitchen that needed to get used up. Today’s creation, if I were to give it a menu-worthy title: Fried chicken, walnut, and summer berry salad with buttermilk-chive dressing

The chicken was a boneless thigh leftover from dinner a few nights ago, popped into the toaster oven to crisp it up. The berries were leftover from last night’s block party, brought by two different guests. Chives came from the garden.

Inventing Breakfast From Leftovers…


Excited this morning to realize I had leftover white rice, wilted greens, and mild artisinal sausage in the fridge (from three totally different meals). A half hour later with an egg simmered to perfection and some seasonings…a delicious congee breakfast! Lovely memories of traveling in Asia right now. The power of food to conjure experience.